Area 51 Wah - Custom

Say wah?  Thassright - wah baby!  Big, bold, badass wah wah.  That wah tone you've been searching for....  That wah wah tone that makes you think of John Shaft walking down the street....That wah tone you've heard on records but could never seem to get. 

Vintage-inspired....but better!  That's what you get with the Area 51 Wah. 

Here's the deal: Not all vintage wah wahs were created equal.  Some are downright magical, and some are, well.......let's just say... less than inspiring.   One of the keys to building a magical wah, is understanding those things that make it "magical" in the first place.  Equally important, is how to make it repeatable.  I test every single one alongside a reference wah to ensure that they are extremely consistent. That applies to the wah kits also. I plug each board into a jig for sound testing. This is something that the big companies simply cannot do.

 If the sound you are looking for is vocal, dimensional, and vintage flavored - that's what you get with the Area 51 Wah. Each one is built by hand, one at a time for YOU.  It's built with the best parts, and built to last a lifetime.  Here's what you get:

  • Cast aluminum chassis with adjustable tension
  • Standard 2.1mm DC Jack with filtering and regulation - compatible with pedalboard power supplies and any other "Boss" type 9VDC, center pin negative supply wallwart.
  • True Bypass wiring - Won't alter your tone in bypass mode.
  • REAL old-style switchcraft jacks - chassis mounted (not the board mounted plastic ones - no way!)
  • High quality vintage style carbon composition 100K S-taper (ICAR style) wah pot .
  • Handmade in Fremont, Michigan
  • Rugged 3PDT footswitch
  • Each pedal individually voiced and tested against a reference for consistency
  • Hand-wound Area 51 inductor
  • Top quality components, selected for tone
  • 100% hand-wired
  • Available buffer (for use with fuzz)
  • Custom options available

Custom options

5 Position Range Selector - Gives you FIVE different wah voices!  The center position is "stock" - the normal Area 51 Wah voicing.  You also get 2 below (more bass, less treble) and 2 above (more treble, less bass).  Another way to put it - It gives you "woh woh" and "wee wee" in addition to "wah wah". 

Quack Control - This controls the smoothness of the sweep, or....the Quack.  All the way down for super smooth - all the way up for mega-quack.  About 1/3 of the way up is the stock Area 51 setting.

Growl Control - This one is useful for those of you who want a very clean wah tone.  It's a "subtractive" control - meaning it removes growl.  Growl is that clipping on the low notes that you get with a wah when it's rocked back into the bass position. The stock Area 51 setting is full up.

Buffer - This add-on circuit board allows you to run the wah in front of a fuzz face type pedal.  Running them in that order gives you a more "natural" wah tone, rather than the nasally fuzz-wah tone that you get when running them the usual way.  Normally, you cannot go from a wah to a fuzz - the low impedance of the fuzz "loads" the wah, causing it to not work properly - if at all.  This board solves that. This is not to be confused with an INPUT buffer that is found on non true bypass pedals, or what's known as a buffered bypass. This is configured as an output buffer, and is wired in such a way as to be out of the signal path when the wah is bypassed. If desired, it CAN be wired to be always on - contact me -

LED - Bright blue LED - side mounted for good visibility.

Lefty Option - Lefty? Say wah?! Yes indeed! Here's the story: My good friend Paul Bento from MHA, Carnivore, and WRENCH in NYC requested this as an option on the latest wah that I built for him. He's a left handed player, and has always hated how his guitar cable crossed over his wah and got in the way. He asked if I could make him a "lefty version". I said, "Man, what a great idea." I built his that way, and now I'm offering it to all of our customers as a no cost option. Everything is the same, except the input and output are reversed.

48 hour test-drive: If you're not satisfied, contact me within 48 hours of recieving the pedal, and get a refund (minus shipping)



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