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Area 51 Clone Wah

If you have been looking for that elusive hollow, vocal growl of the early Italian made wahs - here it is! The Area 51 Clone McCoy. This special wah features a special hand-wound and tuned inductor, vintage layout circuit board, selected transistors, selected Icar taper wah pot, true bypass for zero tone loss in bypass, audio grade caps, top shelf switchcraft jacks, black textured finish with silver metal logo and brushed aluminum top (clearcoated also), chassis travel tweaked to give a little less movement, for those fast, warbling sweeps or slow, controlled crying sounds - or stomp down a little harder on the heel side for the full depth of sweep.

Think of it as a Clyde McCoy that's built better than the original, and has 50 years of un-used life left in it.

The Area 51 Clone wah can be powered by either a 9V battery, or with any 2.1mm standard pedal power supply - up to 14 volts. (I like to run mine at 12v for a little more uumph)

2020 Update: The latest versions now have our input level/impedance trimmer control on the board. It's set to the stock setting (68K) at our shop for true to vintage setup. You can set it however you like - turn it up so that the level matches the bypassed signal, and the maxed out setting is incredible - it lowers the input impedance and the wah will clean up much like a vintage fuzz face will - with your guitar volume. Super expressive and watery vocal.

Our Output Buffer for fuzz use is available as an option for $30 extra. It's bypassable and has zero effect on the tone of the wah. It also contains it's own power supply circuitry so that it does not pull down the voltage available to the wah circuit.



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