ICAR Taper Wah Pot - 100K


So you've got a scratchy pot that no amount of Deoxit D5 can seem to fix? Or your old Jen or Thomas Organ wah's pot has drifted so far out of spec that you wonder where all the treble went? Or maybe you just want a pot with a smoother sweep to replace the one in your modern wah.. Well here it is! I've been using these for many years now in my Area 51 wah pedals, and they are part of the recipe for smooth wah. These are good old fashioned, carbon element pots - not the sealed type. Hey, the sealed ones are fine, but when they get scratchy (and they all do), the only remedy is to replace them. These can be cleaned when they get scratchy. I have examples that I've breakdown tested that were cleaned over 100 times. And users of Area 51 Wahs can testify: this is a smooth pot that can take the abuse that a wah wah can dish out.

These pots are 100K S-taper, and are compatible with any wah that was originally built with a 100K pot. Jen (Italy), Vox, Thomas Organ Crybaby, Dunlop wahs, and many others.

$16.95 usd (plus shipping)




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