Repair and Mod Service

Got a wah pedal that needs some attention? Send it on over! I've been building and servicing wah pedals 14+ years, and have seen and dealt with just about every problem imaginable.

All wahs are repairable, but here is the rub: With some newer wahs, especially where they have board mounted jacks, and tiny surface mount components - the repair can often exceed the low-ish cost of the wah! Well, at least they have a good enclosure! In those cases, I usually recommend installation of a drop in kit. The wah will sound far better than it ever did, will be far more dependable, and will also be...repairable! We live in a throw-away society these days, so the idea of repairing something might be a strange thing to some people. But there was a time, not so long ago when every town had a TV repair shop, and a vacuum cleaner repair shop, and other types of repair shops too.

Contact me at: (Dan) with any questions you have on your specific model. Sometimes, the problem will be something very simple that you can fix yourself - so I like to be sure we've covered that before you go through the trouble and expense of sending the pedal to me.

When sending a pedal, please include your email, phone number, return address and a note explaing what the pedal is doing (or not doing) and/or what you'd like to accomplish with any mods, and what kind of sound you're going for. There are tons of options with voicing a pedal for a specific tone.


The basic repair and mod service I offer:

True bypass mod - $25

True bypass with LED - $35

Replace pot - $25

Add dc jack and filtering - $20

Replace battery snap - $5

Replace bumpers - $5

Replace feet - $5

Add Area 51 Buffer - $45 (can be configured as output buffer, or true-buffered bypass (always in the signal path)

5 position range control - $35

Quack control - $25

Growl control - $25 (Quack and growl controls can only be installed in pedals that have the real estate available)

Area 51 custom-voiced inductor replacement - $40

Complete Wah Tune-up special - $55 (includes pot replacement, batt snap, switch replacement or true bypass mod, check all connections/clean jacks, replace switch felt, replace bumpers and feet (if desired).

Send to:

Area 51
P.O. Box 61
Fremont, MI 49412

I will contact you upon receiving your pedal with a diagnosis and estimate. I can bill you through paypal when the repair job is completed.



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