wah pedal mounting plate from front

wah pedal mounting plate from below

Loosen screws, slide right, lift up. Easy peasy.


Area 51 Pedalboard Mounting Plate for Wahs

(dorky announcer voice) HOW MANY TIMES HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU?...

You have arrived at your gig..unpacking your gear...and when you open up your pedal board.. TO YOUR HORROR you see that your wah has somehow disengaged itself from the board in protest and has marred up your other..prettier pedals. What the hell?! You used the best available velcro, or maybe even used another plate on top of the other one with even MORE velcro..but still - here you are. Your pedals (and you) are scarred and brutalized. It's not really your fault though. Hey, you did the best you could. Velcro was probably the best thing you could have used...but it was just not enough to stop old man Newton from doing his thing. There really wasn't a better solution. UNTIL NOW!!! ;)


This heavy-duty 16 gauge STEEL mounting plate lets you mount most of the typical Vox/Dunlop wah pedals directly to the pedalboard with screws (or zip ties if it's the "holey" type). For screw-mount, it also has the added benefit of easy removal/reinstall once it's been mounted by simply loosening the screws a little and slide/lift the pedal from the board. It's the first of it's kind as far as I know.

It also has great shielding properties (with the optional ground strap) to help keep interference to a minimum.

These covers have elongated holes that let them fit quite a number of wahs...even vintage ones. Download the pdf for a scaled template that you can use to make sure it fits your wah before ordering.

Save your pedals from additional abuse. Buy one today and be a hero. (or at least remove one annoyance from your life.)

$24.95 ea plus shipping ($11 in USA)

Optional grounding kit: $6.50

Includes (4) 6-32 x 1/4 machine screws

Select one

Note: Since each pedalboard is different, please first check your pedalboard's construction to determine what type and size screws that you'll need. The openings on the mounting plate measure .380" at the widest point and .165" at the narrowest.

Note on international shipping: Since prices have gone up quite a lot, please note that shipping a plate only is going to be a bit spendy. They have some weight to them as well as size, so keep that in mind. Email me directly at dan@area51tone.com for a specific up-to-date quote.



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