Wah PCB (Board only kit)



This is the very same circuit used in the Area 51 DIY, and Drop-in wah kits. It includes the pcb, your choice of mounts (screws or self-adhesive for Chinese-made Vox shells), and the Powered by Area 51 logo plate for the front of your pedal. It also features input level trim control - so you can set it for super clean, vintage, slightly boosted, or dime it and it drops the input impedance which makes the wah clean up similar to how a Fuzz Face does - amazingly watery clean wah, and superbad when the guitar volume is up. Roll your guitar volume back just a hair and it gets back to the slighly boosted character. I love this feature so much, ALL of my wahs have it now. This is the kit for you if you already have a quality set of jacks, switch, pot and everything else required to build your own wah.




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