Wah pedal voicing kit


I'm excited to offer you this newest Area 51 kit! This features my new inductor - specially made to get that real-deal, late 60s Clyde tone. And although the inductor is a huge part of the mojo, it's not the only thing. A few other parts are important, and those are included to get you about as close as you can get without replacing your entire board with one of my tested and voiced Clone boards. (contact me if you're interested in one of those) These parts will fit most of the typical consumer-grade wahs out there - like the Vox V847, Dunlop crybaby GCB95 and classic (although I really don't recommend modding the surface mount component versions unless you are daaaaaamn good)

In this kit you are getting my handmade inductor (550mH), selected/matched range cap, selected transistor set, and a selected ICAR taper wah pot. The inductor will fit the pinout for the crybaby and vox boards. Some others may need a small hole drilled and jumper connected.


(If you have any trouble ordering, please contact me (Dan) at sales@area51tubeaudiodesigns.com or message me from the facebook page (link below) and I'll be happy to help)




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