Mini Buffer Pedal Kit


A good buffer should be doing it's job without being heard. That's to say it should be converting your signal to low impedance (which prevents loading from cabling and other factors), and allowing your pure signal to pass all the way to the amp. They don't get a lot of glory, but they can be very important. This little guy is top quality, small, AND very affordable. It will do a great job, without taking up much valuable space on your pedalboard. You can power it with 9-12vdc. (industry standard 2.1mm center negative)

The enclosure is pre-drilled for your convenience. Paint it how you want it! It's based on the time-proven Area 51 Buffer Kit circuit board. This is the same one used in thousands of Area 51 Wah pedals, and have been installed in wah pedals of just about every make and model since it's introduction back in 2003. Check out the video below so see the entire build process. We've also made the wiring diagram and drilling diagram available. You can also purchase just the board, if you don't need the rest of the stuff.


Only $49.95 plus shipping

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