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Area 51 FUZZ


The Area 51 Fuzz has it's roots in the classic germanium fuzzes we all love - with some notable improvements:

  • Excellent note definition and attack.
  • Smooth germanium character, without the issues associated with germanium transistors. Less noise - not affected by temperature changes.
  • Warm and fat, without being too loose on the bottom end.
  • Cleans up just like a classic fuzz, by rolling your guitar volume back.
  • Can be powered with your pedal board power supply, or any type of 9V battery - with no change in tone.
  • Reliable and toneful addition to your rig.
  • Blue LED indicator.
  • True bypass switching - keeps your tone intact.
  • Internal bias trimmer for even more tonal options.
  • Input and output jacks are top quality Switchcraft - chassis mounted.
  • 48 hour test-drive: If you're not satisfied, contact me within 48 hours of recieving the pedal, and get a refund (minus shipping)



"I received the fuzz today.  It is awesome.  Vintage right out of the box.  I set the volume at about 3:00 for unity gain +.  Man, does it respond to volume control.  It is very sensitive and cleans up quickly.....   Looking forward to the next Area 51 product!"

LV - Phoenix, AZ


"..(the Area 51 Fuzz) has a great fuzz sound, and never lose it's edge.  Usually, fuzz(es) lose pick attack, but this is the only one I have played that gets good clean attack, without sounding like a distortion/overdrive.  It makes sense to not buy vintage one, because this one is much better.  I love the look too!"

Takashi Matsumura - New Orleans, LA - Guitarist with Cyril Neville


"Hey Dan - First off, got my pedal, thanks.  Secondly....WOW.... I think you have a winner!   What a great sound.  Strat--->Area 51 Wah--->Fuzz--->Amp (Mesa LSS)  simple, but what a difference!  I have your wah pedal, and I figured at the very least some synergy, but these two were meant for each other!  Thanks again.

BG - Los Altos, CA


$149.95 usd plus shipping
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