Funk Off String Cleaning Wipes


Are you one of those people with really acidic sweat that just DESTROYS guitar strings after a few hours? I am. And here at the shop, I play my guitars a LOT. I love the slightly more mellow tone of nickel strings (GHS burnished nickel, and Kendrick strings are my favorites) and those last longer than some. But for me, wiping them down after playing just isn't enough. Those wound strings will go dead, and the plain strings start to rust - especially if the humidity is up a little. So I experimented a bit and came up with a solution that works well for me, and so I started offering it to the other players out there. I called it Funk Off. It's a natural almond oil based solution on lint-free cloth pads (about 65 per container). The oil acts to both remove light rust and prevent further rust from forming. It can also be used to lightly oil your raw wood fretboard during string changes. Regardless of what some people's opinions are on that - I'll say that it works well for me. And it may work well for you too. Give 'em a try!

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