Area 51 drop-in wah kit

This kit comes fully assembled, wired, and ready to install. The only things that you need to install it are a phillips head screwdriver, a few common open end wrenches, and a 1/2" nut driver or socket. NO SOLDERING REQUIRED!!!! It is a direct drop in kit for all of the Dunlop and Vox pedals, such as the GCB-95 and V847 models. Also works with many of the imported wah shells. If you don't know what you have - just send me a pic and I'll let you know how to install it. We even have self adhesive mounts you can use if the screw holes don't line up.

This kit is a GREAT way to re-purpose that old wah that doesn't work or volume pedal that's collecting dust. Why not make it into one of the best wahs ever? This is the EXACT same parts that go into our A51 Standard Wah. When I started making these back around 2003, it was based on the early Vox wahs that were made in Italy. Over time, I made little improvements here and there. It evolved into what I feel is the best vintage inspired wah out there. It's the result of many years of improvement. In 2008, I started winding my own inductors in-house, and that just brought them to a whole new level.

NEW: The kit now includes an input level trim control - so you can set it for super clean, vintage, slightly boosted, or dime it and it drops the input impedance which makes the wah clean up similar to how a Fuzz Face does - amazingly watery clean wah, and superbad when the guitar volume is up. Roll your guitar volume back just a hair and it gets back to the slighly boosted character. I love this feature so much, ALL of my wahs have it now. Set at 50% is the stock setting.

No push on "molex" connectors are used. All connections are pre-soldered. Installation instructions are supplied. Included in the instructions:
How to remove your old parts.
Installing/adjusting the switch.
Installing/adjusting the new pot.
Proper installation of the new jacks.

This kit is VERY easy to install. Seriously - if you know which end of a screwdriver to hold, you should be able to handle this. :)


There are also a few options available for this kit:

Prewired DC Jack setup (for both round and rectangular 2.1mm jacks), Prewired Buffer - for allowing use with a vintage style fuzz (also lets you control the output volume), and Prewired LED with it's own fresnel lens that mounts to the side of your wah (requires drilling a 1/4" hole)

Choose between the classic Area 51 voicing (a little bit deeper on the range spectrum) or Clone Wah voicing - which is more in the upper mids and treble like an NOS Clyde Vox from Italy. OR - you can now choose to have the Area 51 Range control prewired so you can get ALL voicings.



$115 usd + shipping

(Shipping in USA is approx $8.00, worldwide for $35)

How to order your custom kit - 1. Select the mounting type (screws for most wah models, self adhesive mounts for the newer Vox V847A and similar) If you're not sure, contact me ( and I'll be happy to help. Select the voicing - Area 51 or Clyde clone. 2. Click "add to cart". 3. If you'll be adding a dc jack circuit, LED, or buffer, click the appropriate add to cart button. Cart contents can be modified at any time by using the view cart button.

Drop in kit $115 - select mounting type
Select Voicing



Add pre-wired dc jack - $15

Choose jack type


Add pre-wired Range control - $25

NOTE: For best results with the Range Control, be sure to select "Area 51" in the Select Voicing drop down menu above. This way you'll get accurate voicings.



Add pre-wired Buffer - $35



Add pre-wired LED - $15




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