DC Jack Kit

This is a great solution for a pedal that you want to run from a pedalboard power supply that wasn't originally equipped with dc power capability. This kit is specifically geared for vintage wah pedals, although it will work for anything that require 9VDC (negative ground) and a 2.1mm center pin negative (industry standard) plug. I offer these in different versions: Standard round 1/2" size jack, and the rectangular ones required for some of the modern imported wahs. (the jack is pressed into the hole, and glued in) I also have different versions of the instructions available - a "one size fits all" version, and one specifically for A51 wah kits. (The boards have spaces for the diode, resistor, and cap) There's enough filtering in this circuit that it will be low noise with even some of the worst wall-warts out there. If you're using something nice (like the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power units), there will be no problems at all.

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