Wah Pedal Bumpers

Set of 3 bumpers for the underside of the treadle (rocker). 2 thick bumpers for the front, and a thin one for the rear. Back in the day (WAY back..) people used to remove these to squeeze a bit more range out of a wah. That was for the old Italian (Jen) and Thomas Organ wah pedals that had less physical movement. The modern chassis all have a wider range of motion, so you actually DO want to have bumpers installed. The help to protect the switch from getting stomped too hard, and they also allow you to adjust the switch so that it takes a little pressure to activate it, which keeps you from tripping it accidentally when you are wah-ing. (is that a word?)

The best way that I've found to install these, is by first removing ALL traces of old glue from the spaces where the old ones were. A small flat blade jewelers screwdriver works pretty well. If the glue is stubborn, try using a little acetone (nail polish remover) - just don't get any on your paint job. (nails OR your wah) Once it's clean and dry, put a few drops of super-glue (CA cement), and place the bumpers into the spaces carefully using needlenose pliers or tweezers. Leave the pedal upside down, and allow the glue to cure for a few hours and you are good to go.

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