The Alienist - Voicing Boost ($269 usd + shipping)


"The Alienist is the secret to getting the guitar and the amp to work together, The pedal drives the front end in a really unique way and the amp just lights up. Any guitar, any amp, better sound. It's always on..." - Steve Borne - Guitarist, songwriter, supervising sound editor (Nurse Jackie, Manhattan Love Story, The Slap, The Michael J Fox show)

"I've been using the booster thru a Marshall Jtm 45/100 and it sounds amazing. Lots of useful tones, not one setting sounds bad. It's a real useful tool in the studio over here. Especially for getting lead tones to cut thru a dense mix! Thanks again" - Jonas Kjellgren - Roadhouse Diet - Sweden

The Alienist is a hand-wired voicing boost pedal that is designed to drive a tube amp, giving even better touch-sensitivity and expanding the tonal range. It can do all the tricks of a vintage treble booster, and much more. 6 position Voicing selector, Volume, switchable low gain NOS germanium and special low gain silicon transistors - visible through the glass lens, along with the fade on/off lighting, low noise true bypass switching, and topped off with a unique INDUCTOR BASED Resonant Filter circuit. And it's built to last - with hand-wired switchcraft #11 jacks (same as vintage Fender amps), and top shelf components for low noise and killer tone. The Alienist gives you tremendous versatility while keeping (even expanding on) that straight-into-the-amp feel. Check out the video.

Here's a great video of youtuber Millstap getting some amazing Hendrix tones using his Alienist with a Nash Strat into a real-deal '59 Bassman

Here he is again whippin' out some Freddie King with a 62 Strat


Vintage Guitar Magazine reviewed The Alienist for their October 2017 issue! Click the pic below for the full-size image.

Area 51 Alienist review thumb

Get yours today! $269 usd plus shipping


If you have any problems ordering, or have questions - just shoot me an email. or message me on the A51 facebook page. Thank you! - Dan


And to the person who messaged me asking what the differences are between older versions of this pedal and the newer - (I cannot find that message again for the life of me!) The most obvious difference would be the knobs. Earlier ones had Tele style knobs, which look great but are hard to see the settings, and on top of that - I started getting defective knobs in my shipments and couldn't source any that were better that also have the little indicator divit. Next change - In early 2020 I completely redesigned the circuit board and they are now being fabricated by a pcb company which makes far nicer looking boards than I could ever hope to.The boards now are matte black colored with gold solder pads - pretty sexy as pcb's go ;) And still 100% hand built and hand soldered as usual. Next change - 2 more led's were added, one faces up toward you and the other two shine directly onto the transistors. Lastly, I changed the Silicon transistor to a lower gain type to more closely match the character of the Germanium side - I found that I always used the Ge side because it simply sounds better and I think it's better to have a backup to the Germanium which as we all know can be inconsistent due to temperature. - Dan Albrecht - May 2020



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