The Alienist - Voicing Boost ($269 usd + shipping)


"The Alienist is the secret to getting the guitar and the amp to work together, The pedal drives the front end in a really unique way and the amp just lights up. Any guitar, any amp, better sound. It's always on..." - Steve Borne - Guitarist, songwriter, supervising sound editor (Nurse Jackie, Manhattan Love Story, The Slap, The Michael J Fox show)

The Alienist is a hand-wired voicing boost pedal that is designed to drive a tube amp, giving even better touch-sensitivity and expanding the tonal range. It can do all the tricks of a vintage treble booster, and much more. 6 position Voicing selector, Volume, switchable low gain NOS germanium and higher gain silicon transistors - visible through the glass lens, along with the fade on/off lighting, low noise true bypass switching, and topped off with a unique Resonant Filter circuit. And it's built to last - with hand-wired switchcraft #11 jacks (same as vintage Fender amps), and audiophile grade resistors and capacitors for low noise and killer tone. The Alienist gives you tremendous versatility while keeping (even expanding on) that straight-into-the-amp feel. Check out the video...

In the first section, I'm using a 335 style guitar into a Kendrick 118 (tweed Champ) 5 watt amp with only a volume knob. It's a fairly dark amp, as tweed champs tend to be. Notice how The Alienist really wakes it up. Same amp and volume setting for all parts of the demo. (9 out of 12 on the volume knob) Be sure to check out the huge range of shimmering clean to dirty tones that you can get just by using your volume and tone controls on the guitar.

In the 2nd segment, I'm using an SG Jr style guitar - I built this from a kit that came from Precision Guitar Kits ( - check them out! I start out with a higher gain, lower voicing setting that shows how FAT of a tone you can get with The Alienist...while still getting some amazing 2nd order harmonics in the upper register. Roll the tone way back for that "woman tone"...roll the volume back for any range of clean to full out raw singing sustain on demand. It's all in your touch, and your volume and tone controls!

In the last section, I'm using a Tele. Again..check out the range of clean to dirty tones you can get just by using your volume knob and adjusting how hard you dig into the strings. Even players who would rather go straight into the amp will like this...and it was designed by a guy who is just like you in that regard. Thanks for checking it out. - Dan Albrecht - Area 51

"I've been using the booster thru a Marshall Jtm 45/100 and it sounds amazing. Lots of useful tones, not one setting sounds bad. It's a real useful tool in the studio over here. Especially for getting lead tones to cut thru a dense mix! Thanks again" - Jonas Kjellgren - Roadhouse Diet - Sweden


Get yours today!

If you have any problems ordering, or have questions - just shoot me an email. or message me on the A51 facebook page. Thank you! - Dan



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